2. iezinefest:



    Please, tell us a little bit about your zine.

    My zines are basically a slightly more narrative version of my sketchbooks, I just draw comics about pretty much everything I think needs to be said..well said with little pictures. I’m also always trying to experiment with the physicality of the medium: what can I add by printing it out as opposed to posting online? how does the page layout pace the story? Is it possible to go past a linear narrative?

    Have you considered incorporating photos  in to your zines, or do you choose to keep these two art forms separate?

    I included some photos in pieces like AWAY and Little Things, and I’m definitely not opposed to seeing more of my photos in my zines. During the time I was making those pieces, the photographic process was very heavily entwining in that part of my life, and at the present they’re not interacting as much. I’d really like to do some more work with photography fused with zines/ comics in the future though.

    Besides being an awesome zinester and photographer, are there any other hobbies or skills you acquire that others don’t really know about? Tap dancing, sword fighting etc?

    Nah, I’m a two-trick pony.

    What are the best and worst parts about being a zinester?

    Best: getting to share your work with others and being exposed to brilliant works that you might otherwise never see. Worst: needing to pee at a zinefest but not wanting to ditch your table. The struggle is real.

    Are there other zinesters who influence your work or whom you find particularly inspiring?

    So many! Obviously, as I’m serving as a stand-in rep for Fair Dig Press, their zinesters (current and upcoming) are influential, and as anyone who knows Brodie would attest he is basically a tourguide into zineworld. Of course, being someone working in comics-zines, other cartoonist-zinesters are really influential, and I’m constantly trying to tap into the wellspring of brilliant artistic output, positivity, and cute dresses that I classify as “my inner Yumi Sakagawa”. Honestly I could list people for days, but I won’t.


    Lookit! Come to IEZF friends!!!

  3. iezinefest:

    Here is the official lineup for our 3rd annual IE Zine Quest.

    Art of Wend
    As Issued
    City Mindfunk
    Color Ink Book
    Daisy Noemi
    Dropkick DIY
    Eric M. Esquivel
    Fair Dig
    Freeways Collide
    G.G. Alva
    Girdle of Venus
    Grim Illustrations
    Hannah Nance Partlow
    Houston Moody
    I Was A Teenage Filipino Skinhead
    Influentza Zine
    Jay, the illustrator
    Joel Katz
    JT Steiny
    Kevin Uehlein Comics
    LA Zine Fest
    Lemonade Press (includes: for our eyes only, WANGELA WRONG, & SEAMONSTER COMICS)
    Loaded Sound
    New Noise Magazine
    Nick Bahula
    OC Zine Fest
    Perpetually Twelve 
    Petty Cash Comix
    Pop Ook comix
    Pure Fun Skate Zine
    Reflekt Magazine
    Rocket Punch Pirates
    Rotting Fresh
    Sam Grinberg Cartoons
    Shavick Designs
    She’s not a morning person
    Sleep Talk
    Small Roar Press
    Stacy Russo/ Wild Librarian Bakery
    Sticky Ricks
    Still Life Press
    The Secret Handshake
    Tori Holder
    Your Fathers Mustache 
    Yumi Sakugawa

    Stoked for this. Mark your calendars and start saving your $$.

  4. ooooold stuff I found looking looking for something else on my computer.

    knot too shabby (yes I’ll wait here while you call the pun police)

  6. Here! Stop by SFZF this Sat and Sunday in Golden Gate Park and get your zine on!! @sfzinefest

  7. Comics on printing comics. So fucking meta bro.

  8. "Just an ordinary girl, very pretty, very clever… Isn’t that enough?"

    Rewatched ‘Hide’ while I was drawing, had to get in a little doodle of the impossible girl. Been thinking about Clara’s role a lot lately, especially the various reads of her being dehumanized or a superwoman. I think Emma’s quote at the end sums it all up quite nicely: can’t she (or any of us) just be an ordinary girl? Still full of drive and humor and brilliance, but not have to push ourselves past fear, past endurance, past physical capability, just to be someone else’s enough?

  9. Cool Girls, 2014. For Indie Comics Quarterly #1.

  10. garden-variety, four fold