1. fairdig:


    Tomorrow night. Me. You. The coolest new #diy space in town. I’ll be reading from #DontHideBehindYourSkirt & finding my inner Cher Horowitz. ❤️ #zines #losangeles #love

    Come travel into THE PAST! amberhardfemme, thestateimin, toriholder, skinnedkneesnet & more friends!

    I have a longer piece, recently written and never published or performed, that I’ll be sharing. I’m considering using it for FAIR DIG #3. Maybe you can attend and let me know once you hear it if you think that’s a good idea.

    Jumping on the blatant self-promo train! A little bit of a recently written story and a never before released really old story! Be there or be not where the cool people having the best time are!

  2. Yes, you.

  3. I’m actually quite quite alright, doing a lot better in the past few months than I’ve been in years, but it wears you down when you’re not used to it (starts thinking of tags for post).

  4. kanelynch:

    "OH MY GOD, I KNOW YOU FROM TUMBLR!" was a great way to start the Zinefest, just days after I was saying that I don’t understand how anyone meets anyone IRL on this bleep bloop.

    Thanks to the talented Tori Holder!  Seeya next time!

    I just found this while googling things to put on a comics CV. LAZF was the best.

  5. We interrupt this drawing sesh for a crummy the smiths lyric doodle

  6. One of the most exciting shows I’ve had the privilege of covering recently (full review at http://stardust-ent.com/ok-go-72314-the-echo/ )

  7. to whom it may concern, 2014

  8. Quick drawing I did the other night.

    My maternal-maternal great-grandmother who passed before I was born did a lot of lacework. A few years ago I inherited a chunk of it, including a large piece that a lot of you would recognize as my tabling tablecloth, but also doubles as a skirt or a shawl when the fancy strikes. I like having a piece of art/craftwork from a past generation and being surrounded by the fact that I am part of a legacy of strong creative women.

  9. Mid year resolutions

  10. Sometimes I leave myself really good advice..