1. to whom it may concern, 2014

  2. Quick drawing I did the other night.

    My maternal-maternal great-grandmother who passed before I was born did a lot of lacework. A few years ago I inherited a chunk of it, including a large piece that a lot of you would recognize as my tabling tablecloth, but also doubles as a skirt or a shawl when the fancy strikes. I like having a piece of art/craftwork from a past generation and being surrounded by the fact that I am part of a legacy of strong creative women.

  3. Mid year resolutions

  4. Sometimes I leave myself really good advice..

  5. My photography duties at oczf. But for fairdig and therealcrowdsurfking I’d be the paparazzi anytime


  6. @fair dig


  7. fairdig:

    Come see Fair Dig Press at OC Zine Fest! I will be there, offering FAIR DIG #1 and #2, COUCHED, DON’T HIDE BEHIND YOUR SKIRT, and a few mendmydresspress titles (as they do the same for us in Portland this weekend - thanks Colleen and NeelyBat!). Click the link for a great interview with Aimee, an OCZF organizer.

    (RSVP on Facebook)

    Me too. Zinefesting. Be here now!


  9. help/i care page


    i had a help page before on my blog but it somehow got deleted :// basically it will be a list of users that reblog this that are willing to talk to anyone who may be going through a hard time. there will be a link to your blog so someone can just go to the page and click on your url. so, reblog this if you wanna be on my “i care” page.

    you don’t have to be following me to be on it cause this is just a nice thing that i would like to do to try my best to help anyone out.

    (via deadunicorn)


  10. July is International Zine Month Day 1: 10 Reasons You Love Zines

    1. zinefriends are the best friends!

    2. they’re super inclusive (they’re like the big sister of indie comics, giving us a big, all consuming hug where we become one)

    3. anyone can make a zine (yeah, you!)

    4.zines give a strong much needed voice to a lot of groups/ viewpoints and add to literary diversity

    5.you can always fit a zine or two in your purse, and hence always have reading for the train

    6.zinetrades. they’re like tiny christmases.

    7.zines connect you to other people/things


    9.they’re a relatively inexpensive and space-efficient art form

    10.because of zines, I can point to my bookshelf and say “there’s something about Abraham Lincoln riding dinosaurs somewhere in there..”